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About Me
I Tsundzuka Remember Maluleke, was born in Limopopo, Giyani at the small village called Nsavulani where I completed my metric in 2012. I am the person who does not stop when I am tired, but only when the work is effectively complete. And if all my techniques failed to lead me to the solution, I do not hesitate to call for help, from those are around me like my colleagues to bring their own idea on the matter, to make sure that I got the work done at the end of the day.

Work Experience
*I worked 2 years for Shoprite as a merchandiser, where I was studying as well. and 6 months for Sasol garage.

Why Financial Management N6
The reason being I chose finance is that, I was born in the business family where my childhood was not interesting but challenging, where I had to attend school and to handle some of business responsibility, because i was an oldest son in the family as my mother was old and needed some help. And by doing so that grow my mind in the business way. Due to everything happened during my childhood that's the reason i became the person who like to work with finances. and that motivate myself to study it at tertiary institution.

I was tired for job hunting when one of my relative toled me about Intelleto, and that's where I visited internet to get more information about them. I contact them(Lufuno) assisted me throughout the process until i got this internship, all blessing to her so that she keep on helping the nation.

BIGSAVE - which is a going concern business. And their also pay back to the communities where their render their services within it, and that's a right things to do as is my priority to care for others. I am happy because their given me an opportunity to work in the relevant department which will help me to obtain my diploma. I am working as creditors clerk.
Tsundzuka Remember Maluleke | Financial Management N6 | 2017/11/20 12:00:00 AM

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