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About Me
My name is Mashudu Netshitavhadulu.. I was born on the 8th March 1993 at a village called Madzhatsha in Limpopo, I matriculated in 2010 at Patrick Ramaano Sec School, I obtained my N6 in 2017 at Sedibeng College.

Work Experience
*Late 2013 I worked at Jet Mart as a cashier, it was a great experience to work there , meeting different people everyday unfortunately my contract ended.

The love I have when it comes to helping people, I love and enjoy working with different people, I easily build relationship with people and I’m a people centred person that’s why I studied MA.

My sister (MARY) told me about GWConnect and she explained the whole concept of GWConnect , She helped me to register , I didn’t think it was going to work but she told me to be patient , 2 weeks after registering I got a called from OUTEX inviting me for interview at Big Save Distribution Centre, Elsie helped me to prepare for the interview, I went to the interview and later on that day I got a call from Elsie informing me that I got the internship, I was so excited. I was very happy because I didn’t struggle to get an internship.

I am an intern at Big Save Distribution Centre, the employees are very welcoming and supportive , its very challenging but I am learning lot of things . I am grateful to Outex for giving me this opportunity.
Mashudu Netshitavhadulu | MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT N6 | 2018/03/22 12:00:00 AM

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