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About Me
My name is Thapelo Patience Molifi, I am 23 years old. I grow in Soweto. I completed my matric at Tetelo Secondary School in 2012.I moved to Pretoria in 2013 to further my studies at Tshwane South College (Attridgeville) as I was doing financial management course and I completed in 2015
In 2014 I worked part time at Mobile Inventory Collection as an operator, for a period of 7 months.

Why Financial Management N6
I choose financial management because is a field lush with great earning potential and rewarding career options in a wide range of companies. It teaches how to be responsible, in depended and I adore working with big also teaches in reducing the uncertainties which can be a hindrance to growth of the company. This helps in ensuring stability and profitability in concern and it also reduces uncertainties with regards to changing market trends which can be faced easily through enough funds. Helps in making growth and expansion programmes which helps in long-run survival of the company. Adequate funds have to be ensured. Ensures that the suppliers of funds are easily investing in companies which exercise financial planning.

How I Got My Internship
One of my friends told me how he got his internship at GWconnect and he advised me to register. I started communicating with them, within a period of two weeks I was called for an interview at Mustek Limited and I was successful.

The Company
Mustek Limited is a leading IT company, is a very conducive and welcoming. I work with friendly and helpful people. Mustek Limited focuses on being the country’s ICT supplier of choice and is also one of the largest assembler and distributors of personal computers and complementary ICT products in South Africa.
Thapelo Patience Molifi | Financial Management N6 | 2016-10-12

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