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About Me
My name is Zolandile Hope Moloi . I grew up in a big township called Katlehong in the (EASTRAND). I went to Keketso Primary School then attended my secondary at Katlehong high school. I passed my matric in 2013 with bachelor’s degree.
I worked at Germiston (Golden Walk) Webbers retail store as a casual for about 3 to 4 months from October 2014. Later I worked one day for IEC (INDEPENDENT ELECTORAL COMMISSION) helping with electoral processes in 2016 for local municipal elections.

After completing my matric I wanted to study law and I enrolled with UNISA and studied for six months then I was forced financially to drop out due to lack of funds. I then decided to enrol with Ekurhuleni West College to study Management Assistant as an alternative because I’m excellent in communication, liaising with people and creating a sound network of contacts.

How I Got My Internship
One day I got a call from GWCONNECT asking an opportunity to give me an internship but unfortunately at the time I was not the best candidate because they needed someone with full completed N6 subjects and I failed one. After that I became optimistic and went back to school and enrolled for that subject. Eventually I studied and ultimately passed it and reverted back to GWCONNECT via a phone call to inform them about my updated results. They recommend me to create a profile with my updated results if I had no profile on their system or if I do have a profile, I should just scan my updated results which I did then a week later I got a call for interview with UNITRANS TOYOTA. The interview was successful and got to join the company as an intern.

The Company
GWCONNECT helped me to get internship with the company that made an intern today (UNITRANS TOYOTA). All thanks to GWCONNECT that I’m an intern at one of the biggest automotive companies, the excellent company anyone can or wish to work for in their entire lives. My colleagues and environment here are amicable, remarkable and motivating every day. I have no regrets of joining the family and trust me all that is happening is because of hard work. GWCONNECT is there to guide and help us all the way through to success.
Zolandile Hope Moloi | MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT N6 | 2018-04-26

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