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About Me
My name is Koketso Mashao I was born in mabopane. After I matriculated in 2013 I was eager to study social worker but my mark where very low that’s when I decided to not just give up. Then I did management assistant course.
My first job was at spar at. I only worked for two months I then decided to go further my studies. During my studies I used to work for an IEC organization I don’t have much work experience.

I choose management assistant because it fits my characteristics well and I saw unlimited opportunities in the course.

How I Got My Internship
Friend of mine referred me to Outex then they said I need I need to complete a GWConnect profile. After two weeks they called me for an interview. I went for two interview and they were both unsuccessful then I went for the third one that when I pulled through.

The Company
The company that I work for is a lovely environment to be in and the are plenty of opportunities to help me grow in my career.
Koketso Mashao | MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT N6 | 2018-11-22

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