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About Me
My name is KGAUGELO MICHELLE MACHABE. I reside at Ga-Rankuwa. I matriculated in 2014 at Rantailane Secondary School. I then later furthered my studies in late 2016 at Tshwane North College doing Financial Management course, in late 2017 I completed my N6 Financial Management Course.
After completing my N6 course I had hoped that I would find an internship right away but things turned out differently, I had to stay home for some couple of months, although I had some couple of telephonic interviews I wasn’t successful enough to get an intern. In late September I received a call from one of the HR team to tell me that I had an interview, luckily this time around I got lucky and was one of the successful candidates to work for the University of Pretoria.

Why Financial Management N6
Finance is very broad, it has a variety of departments of which all of them has rewarding career option. Finance helps one to have discipline when it comes to spending and handling money, it also has a great impact on our daily lives as we are able to use the knowledge acquired to make our lives better.

How I Got My Internship
I was introduced to GWCONNECT by one of OUTEX agencies by the name of Rorisang, she asked me to create a profile there since she knew that I recently completed my N6. Luckily after some few months of being home I got a call from OUTEX telling me about the internship invitation I got, I went for the interview and a few days later I received an email from HR team with the best news ever. I am very grateful for the opportunity I got through OUTEX and wish that it could help as many students in the coming years. Greatest thanks to the HR team for their assistance and effort they make for us as students.

The Company
University of Pretoria is a multi-faculty research intensive university. It provides an environment that is stimulating, intellectually challenging and conductive to teaching and learning. As of South Africa’s oldest and most prestigious institution of higher education, the University of Pretoria provides a refreshing mix of academic tradition and progressive vision.
KGAUGELO MICHELLE MACHABE | Financial Management N6 | 2018-11-22

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