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About Me
My name is Tendani ramuhashi I grew up in a township called meadowlands in Soweto where I finished my primary and tertiary school in 2014
In 2016 I enrolled at a college called Westcol for financial management diploma where I completed it in 2017 then I revived my certificates from N4 to N6 in Finacial management I am a well presented and mannered person .good all around performer who has the ability to work effectively . I have an active attitude towards everything

I have worked at a delivery company called vital change in 2017 where I was delivery my duties where to check the invoices and stock before its loaded and counting the stock when its offloaded
I aslo worked on a contract as a general worker where I leaned and performed the skills of building ,installing ceilings ,carpentry,waterproofing ,plumbing,tiling and electricity work

Why Financial Management N6
I fell in love with calculation and dealing with big figures Being in a finance department is a challenge I love challenges they allow you to grow as an individual in the finance industry

How I Got My Internship
After struggling to get an internship after completing my studies one day I met a friend who told me about gwconnect on how it works to place tvet graduates to different kind of work places in order for them to so they in service training (internship ) . I created my profile and uploaded the requires documents to complete my profile Within 6 month I got an email from outex for an invite in Toyota monument a company under unitrans which was a success All thanks to gwconnect and outex for giving me this opportunity to grow in the finance industry as an intern

The Company
Unitrans its a professionally healthy and welcoming environment for a intern to work under .the people are helpful and friendly towards each other and its a good company for me as an intern to showcase my talent and enhance my skills and knowledge That will help my professional and personal growth What I can tell other interns is Success is not the key to happiness Happiness is the key to success ,if you love what you are doing You will be successful and always have a positive minds toward everything
Tendani Ramuhashi | Financial Management N6 | 2019-02-07

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