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About Me
My name is Lesedi Audrey Madubanya born and raised in Limpopo, currently staying in Gauteng which I came when I was going to do my Secondary school level in Tembisa, something that nearly took me back home when I got to Gauteng my Grade 8 space was not available anymore due to high demand of grade 8 learners coming from different angles. The disappointment was high for me to bear but because I was eager for change of environment my mom and I decided I stay until we find a space which we did at a newly formed school named Tsosoloso Ya Africa, until I finished with grade 8 and moving to another secondary that my mother valued which is Zitikeni Secondary and I passed my Matric there with an Admission to Bachelors degree.

Work Experience
*I volunteered as an Admin Clerk for an NGO before getting to college, that’s when I decided I need to further my studies

Why Management Assistant
It is amazing how one create a path and it doesn’t turn exactly how one wants it I’m trying to state it that when I went to the College my intention was to study Financial Management and unfortunately I could not find the space which left me with two options either to go home or take another course and hey Management Assistant was the way to go and because I’ve always had the love and respect for corporate world the course turned out just fine for me I grabbed the studying opportunity with two hands and since then I never looked back until I successfully completed my N6 in Management Assistant

My college always advised us to update our Curriculum Vitae’s and submit them at the college, that’s how Outex got hold of my details from the college

I’m working as a Management Assistant Intern at Outex which consists of a team of highly skilled, innovative, experienced individuals, who, together, transform ideas and businesses into value, Assisting N6 Graduates to get internships
Lesedi Audrey Madubanya | Management Assistant | 2019/11/05 12:00:00 AM

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