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About Me
My name is Vuyeya Anastarcia Khosa, I grew up in Mokopane, Limpopo. I matriculated in 2015 at Ramogabudi Senior Secondary and further my studies at Tshwane North College where I obtained N6 certificate in Financial Management

Work Experience
*I never worked before.

Why Financial management
I chose financial management because am very passionate and I like working with figures, big numbers and money and I like helping people managing their money, have a good financial planning and help them with investing and saving money.

After my exams I started distributing my CVs to some companies, then one day one of my friends told me about GW Connect and how they help post graduate students, I gave her my CV. After two weeks I received a call from Outex confirming my personal details and after some few minutes I received a link via email to create my digital profile and I also uploaded my CV and the supporting documents. After a week I received an interview invitation which I successfully passed and signed the internship contract with Outex.

The company am now working for is a tertiary institution and it has a professional environment. It is a very welcoming company and my colleagues are very kind loving and caring, the institute gives me something that money cannot buy because experience is the best teacher.
Vuyeya Annastarcia Khoza | Financial management | 2019/11/20 12:00:00 AM

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