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About Me
My name is Zamansele Njokwe, I currently reside in Ivory Park. I studied at Ivory Park Secondary school that's where I completed my Matric in 2011. I went and further my studies in 2013 I was doing HR management, then the year 2018 I then studied management assistant and completed my N6 at Ekurhuleni West TVET college.
In the year 2014 I worked as administrator at Tembisa hospital for a year and then I volunteered at mikateka primary school for the ECD programme.

Why Management Assistant
After I stayed at home for so long, I was tired of staying at home doing nothing, I heard the advertise in the radio about the EWC enrolment then I went and register the management assistant course for the love of being a professional Front desk operator.

How I Got My Internship
I got contacted by the OUTEX team while I was doing my N5 and they asked me if I was interested in an internship then I said yes and I was asked to upload my documents in their database, after I was done with my N6 this year June they called me and asked me to send my latest N6 results I did that and got a call from them after a 4 months to attend an interview and I passed it.

The Company
The company am working in is very welcoming and so full of lively people, it's got so much energy anyone in this world would love to work there am also blessed to be doing my internship here.
Zamansele Njokwe | Management Assistant | 2019-11-26

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