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About Me
I am Mmanawa Pearl Shai originally from Limpopo province Tzaneen in a small village called Pharare, currently stay in Pretoria. I matriculated 2008 at Napscom Secondary. Completed my studies for NCV in Finance, Economics & Accounting Level 4 at Letaba TVET college 2011. Looked for employment with no luck. I then registered BCOM Financial Management with UNISA from 2012 which I have not yet completed due to other problems. I then qualified as an Accounting Technician NQF Level 4 in 2016. In 2017 I got a three-month contract at Letaba TVET college, where I worked as a Finance Clerk. From then I have been applying tirelessly with no luck. I then decided to go back to college full time in second semester of 2018 at EWC Germiston campus where I enrolled for Financial Management N4-N6. I completed my studies in record time with a few distinctions in December 2019.
I volunteered as a PA at Letaba TVET college for from July 2014-August 2015. I then got a three-month contract for Finance Clerk from January-March 2017.

Why Financial management
I didn't plan on studying Financial Management. I wanted to become a doctor or an engineer when growing up, but things changed when I did not do so well in my Biology and Physical science in my matric. A year later I went to college and applied to study Office administration. But a week later when I went back, I found that they had registered me in Finance, Economics & Accounting and decided to give it a try. To my surprise my performance was better than those who did Accounting before. That is how I fell in love with Finance and Accounting.

How I Got My Internship
After receiving my Financial Management N6 results early January 2019. A friend from college sent me Outex tell phone number and said I should call and say I am looking for an internship. At that moment I thought it was a scam because I had never heard of them before. But I decided to Google them, I read a about them then I got their email address and emailed my CV, few minutes later they called and sent me a link to create my profile. From there after 5-6 weeks I got a call to attend an interview at Mercedes Fountains for an internship, then the following week I got a call telling me that I passed the interview. The following day I went to sign my contract and I was expecting to report on duty the following day.

The Company
I am working for Mercedes Benz Fountains. Mercedes Fountains is a passenger car dealership for both Pre- Owned and New vehicles, they also offer after sale services and sell parts. I work under Finance & Insurance, Sales admin and Switchboard. So far it has been a wonderful experience working for Mercedes, the company culture is amazing, the employees are so welcoming, and I now feel like part of the family. I am looking forward to learning more and growing and it is all thanks to hard work, perseverance, and to the people who made this possible Outex .
Mmanawa Pearl Shai | Financial management | 2020-06-03

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