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About Me
My name is Victoria Mathabela. I grew up in Tembisa, I completed my NCV level 4 in 2015at EWC and then I realized that I have a passion for finance that is whn I decided to further my studies, I went back to complete my N6 financial management.

Work Experience
*In 2016 to 2018 January I worked at TEVO as an in-store promoter and later became a store manager I wanted to do something related to finance

Why Financial management
because it pays well and the fact that i like working in the office with numbers

I had completed my N6 certificate my friend told me to register with graduate which is now known as GW connect within a month I received a call to do my interview which I passed

now I am doing my internship at the company called blue label telecoms where i get a good salary and is very amazing working here because I got a chance to learn more about finance and to final do a job that i truly enjoy and makes me happy
Victoria Mathabela | Financial management | 2020/07/14 12:00:00 AM

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