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About Me
• My name is Brian Manganye, I was born and raised in Diekloof south of Johannesburg. Brian is a humble and talk active person, likes to listen and gives advice at most times. I am good in communicating with other people and dedicated in everything I do, or task given. Critical thinking and problem solving are one of biggest strengths and weakest parts of me is seeing someone going through a hard time it just worries me a lot.

Work Experience
*• I worked at Killian Insurance Brokers for a period of 7 months as a Sales Consultant. • Reference: Reginald Mase • Position: Manager • Contact: 011 329 6374

Why Human Resource Management
• Because I have leadership potential and I love working with different people. I love solving problems and giving advice as communication is my key strength.

• I created a profile with GW-connect after completing my N6, then I got a call from Portia for an interview. After passing my interview I got my internship.

• Outex is a brilliant Company as we are well trained and given all the knowledge, we need to complete our internship.
Brian Manganye | Human Resource Management | 2020/07/15 12:00:00 AM

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