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About Me
My name is Collen Chauke and I am currently staying at Rayton Pretoria. I matriculated in 2014 at Jafta Mahlangu High School. I went to University of Johannesburg in 2016, which I was doing my Degree in BCOM accounting. I completed my Degree in 2018.

Work Experience
*In 2015 I took A gap year which I was still looking for the bursary to respond, which I got a temporary job as a Sales representative at Due South at The Grove, I worked for 5 Months.

Why Degree in BCOM accounting
The reason why I did Accounting at the University is that I was being encouraged by my father because he did Accounting back at school as well as in University. Accounting was also my strongest subject at school which is the other reason I choose BCom Accounting, I went to University of Johannesburg because it is the one of best universities in South Africa.

I have applied for many Jobs without success for the past one year, which I found the internship on the PNET website for job opportunity which I managed to apply. I was being interviewed by the Intelleto company which I was successfully accepted to do the Internship with the company. I am glad to work under intelleto company so that I can get good experience when comes to my job description.

The company that I am currently working in it is more welcoming and more helpfully when it comes to me asking and learning about the new job that I am current doing. I am looking forward to work hear and learn more about the company and able to explore my skills and knowledge.
Collen Chauke | Degree in BCOM accounting | 2020/07/23 12:00:00 AM

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