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About Me
My name is Pertunia Pole and I grew up in Mabopane Pretoria and after I completed my matric (Grade 12) in 2013 I had already secured space at the University of Pretoria to study BIS in Information Science. I had applied the previous year with my Grade 11 results and was provisionally accepted for the year 2013 with condition that I passed my Grade 12 with certain conditions.
I had no previous experience except for voluntary experience which was part of my studies and others not; during my last year of University I was a part of a Mentorship program (STARS mentorship) where I was assigned three mentees with who I had the opportunity to offer them support on different kinds of levels and basically make their first year at University easier. The second voluntary experience I have was teaching High school students computer as part of the Mamelodi CLC initiative, I personally loved this experience since I got the chance to change the lives of young students by teaching them computer so that when they completed their high school studies they would be equipped enough to at least make it through University, College and etc. My last voluntary experience was part of my second-year practical module (Community-based project) and it included making a difference of some sort by volunteering in a community where there was a need for a certain service. I had chosen to repaint a pre-school in Mabopane (where I lived at the time) so it could improve and look a bit lively and fun for the kids, I painted the playground equipment, printed fun and educational pictures for the classes so the classroom would be in better condition. And finally, the last experience I had was a part of my final year modules, where we had to complete an internship for 80 hours at the University library and lastly for another module was completing an Information audit at the City of Tshwane.

Why BIS in Information Science
After completing my Grade 11 I knew I wanted to study something in IT but I was unsure what to study, so while going through the prospectus from the University of Pretoria I saw the course and since when I got to Grade 11 I had to change subjects due to changing of schools, from Mathematics to Mathematical Literacy. I applied for it since it was still under IT and did not require Mathematics and also, I met all the requirements for the course.

How I Got My Internship
After graduating I started looking for employment and it was not easy with the current economic state of the country and unemployment rate skyrocketing, I applied almost every day and got called in for interviews. And that is how I got to Intelleto, I applied for the internship on Pnet and was called in for interview which went great and after three weeks of the interview I was called in for contract signing and that is how I ended on this great internship where I am learning a lot.

The Company
I am enjoying my current job as it allows me to further my understanding of programming and help me learn new technologies every day. Intelleto has a family-like environment and even an introvert like myself has actually got the opportunity to live my shell and communicate more than I did before.
Pertunia Pole | BIS in Information Science | 2020-07-31

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