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About Me
My name is Mncedisi Bongumuzi Ngobese I am 23 years of age and I am from Gauteng, Tembisa. I matriculated in 2014 at Jiyana Secondary School. There after I went on to study at the University of Johannesburg where I did my Bcom accounting for a period of four years which was from 2015 until 2018. I then enrolled for a Post Graduate Diploma In Accounting in the year 2019.

Work Experience
*I was a Librarian assistant at my former high school usually at the beginning and at the end of the year from the year 2017. Responsibilities included capturing, retrieving and distributing learner’s textbooks using computer software.

Why Post Graduate Diploma In Accounting
During my undergraduate we had a module called Governance and Control which entails Ethics, Professionalism, King IV, etc and so I took interest in specializing in internal auditing when I was doing my post graduate in 2019, but the one definite reason that stands out as to why I took on this course is that growing up I was a very observant and inquisitive person. I always wanted to know the why and how behind things.

I applied for as many as possible job opportunities as I could during and after my studies, unfortunately I did not get anything until early this year when I got a call that I should come in for an interview at Intelleto (Pty) Ltd of which I accepted the invitation, I went and passed. I was and still grateful that I got this opportunity.

I am currently working under one of Intelleto’s Clients by the name of Big Save. It is a good working environment to work under. Very team orientated, we do not work in isolation there is always a helping hand whenever needed and I believe that by the end of my internship I will be equipped with all the necessary skills for future employment.
Mncedisi Ngobese | Post Graduate Diploma In Accounting | 2020/08/04 12:00:00 AM

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