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About Me
My name is Keletso Brain Mabilo and I grew up in Leboeng Rutseng. I completed my matric in 2016 at Tshabeleng Dinoko high school and further my studies at Ekurhuleni West College from 2018 to 2019 where I completed my Financial management course

Work Experience
*In 2017 I worked at Afroy shlain where I was hired by agent Ingro my duties was to do a sorting of plastic and boxes to recycling. In 2019 I worked at Energy Partners to plant solar panels at commercial Buildings and I worker at PG Primador as learnership where I was working in Production, confirming Stock to dispatch, creating paper work for stock to be produced, Issuing material from Bulk store to Production, glazing windows. Currently am working at Bigsave in Debtors office.

Why Financial Management
I choose financial management because finances is a very broad industry that has a lot of opportunities that allow a person to grow in business. It is a very interesting course that is a easy to understand, it helps individuals understand the financial industry and apply financial principles in daily lives. I inspire to grow in the industry and become an Financial manager in future

My friend told me to register to Gw connect because she was a product of the Gw connect by that time. I registered in 2018 where I was invited to attend my first interview at Santon Plant hire in Midrand. In 2020 I was invited to attend interview at Bigsave where I’m working now as Intership

Working at Bigsave Distribution Centre is exciting because the people are friendly and kind and simple to ask for assistance, we work as a team with my colleagues and the challenges help me to grow as an individual ant learn to communicate an be responsible
Keletso Brain Mabilo | Financial Management | 2020/12/10 12:00:00 AM

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