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About Me
My name is ndou vusani irene. i am 20 years old. I passed grade 12 in 2017 and furthered my studies at Tshwane north college. I did financial management for 2 years starting with introductory with N6.

Work Experience
*I don't have any work experience.

Why Financial Management N6
I fell in love with commerce way back. i studied accounting from grade10 ,after completing grade 12 I knew that I had to study it. i love calculations.My dream of studying finance finally came true. I have learnt lots of things at college, To solve financial problems. To save money and be ready for challenges.

I got my Internship December 2020. After completing N6 I was desperate for an internship. I didn't know what to do. I joined a group on WhatsApp, that's where I found out about Outex registered and after few month later. I got a call saying that they will submit my profile, I was so excited. It was my first interview, unfortunately things didn't go as I planned. I didn't give up , I called Outex and asked them to look for an internship for me again. Then later in December that's where i got another call, asking if I am still available for internship, luckily enough everything worked out and I got an internship.

I am now working at Big save watloo as a creditors clerk. Everything that I am doing here at big save is what I was taught at college. I have gained confidence and knowledge. All thanks to Outex.
Vusani Irene Ndou | Financial Management N6 | 2021/01/22 12:00:00 AM

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