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About Me
My name is Lehlogonolo Malope, I am 23 years old and I reside in Daveyton. I studied N6 level Marketing management at Ekurhuleni East College in Benoni. I am currently doing my internship at Toyota EQSTRA and this is my third month. I am enthusiastic and passionate about creating a bright future for myself, I believe this is internship is the first big step towards achieving that.
Before enrolling in college, I used to work for a brand promoting company at retail super markets, I was doing merchandising and field marketing there. After completing my studies, I struggled with acquiring an internship for about 4 months then I ended up getting a job at House & Home in Benoni as a sales consultant, I was grateful that I was able to earn an income. this somehow made me unhappy because this job was irrelevant to my studies and I felt that my potential was being under used, I was losing a lot of time because I really needed an internship to help me obtain my N Diploma. Being a sales consultant at House & Home did help me to gain some experience in sales and gave me a better understanding of commissions, incentives and the selling process.

Why Marketing Management N6
I chose to study marketing management because my past work experience as a merchandiser and field marketer helped me to get an in depth look at marketing as a career, the fact that marketing goes hand in hand with sales is very interesting to me. Every company that relies on profit for survival needs to sell something, whether it’s a product or service. I feel that I have what it takes to make it in this industry and have the personality traits to become one of the best. Every big company needs marketing, some have their own marketing department or hire an external marketing company. This shows that there will be a great need of marketers as there are more businesses growing.

How I Got My Internship
A friend of mine recommended GWConnect to me, I created an online profile and attached all the relevant documents. After a few days, I received a call from the ladies at Outex requesting that I come for an interview in Pretoria. I went to the interview and the ladies gave us an explanation about the company and the opportunities that they offer, I was very excited that I am finally getting a chance to obtain an internship. The interview at Outex went well and we were set up for another interview with the experience provider, which also went very well. GWConnect has helped me to get connected to the relevant people that helped me to get an opportunity that I needed the most.

The Company
I am working for Toyota Forklift which is a market leader in the forklift and goods handling segment, it is one of the biggest companies in South Africa and offers very good growth opportunities. I am still in the process of completing my internship in this company and will have to prove my dedication before getting permanent employment. Toyota forklift offers professional growth and development, it would be an honor to work for this company and to even to get a recommendation from such a company would provide an opportunity.
Lehlogonolo Malope | Marketing Management N6 | 2017-04-19

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