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About Me
My name is Leshego Maduane, I'm 22 years old and I live in Pretoria at Mamelodi east. I completed my matric in 2016 at Moleshatlou Secondary School, then I managed to study further Financial Management at Tshwane North College in June 2018.

Work Experience
*I don't have any work experience.

Why Financial Management N6
After completing my matric, I wanted to study Public Management but I was told the course was full, so I decided to take Financial Management as it was available. It was a little bit challenging but interesting at the same time, Mostly I was interested in calculations rather than theory and other things studying finance helped me to use money wisely.

After I completed N6, a few months later I received a call from OUTEX asking me to create a profile with them and I did so, after they asked if I would be able to attend an interview at University of Pretoria which it was two days before, I agreed to attend the interview and passed. Then I was told to come to sign a contract the following day.

I am doing my internship at University of Pretoria in Hatfield. The working environment is good, and I receive the experience that will help me in the future. The company is professional, welcoming and they treat us equally.
Leshego Mafela Maduane | Financial Management N6 | 2021/09/07 12:00:00 AM

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