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About Me
My name is Masego Mathabe; I am 28 years of age born and raised in Soshanguve. I completed my grade 12 in 2011 then went to Tshwane South College to study Marketing Management where I finally acquired my N6 Certificate

Work Experience
*Previously I have worked at a primary school in North West where I volunteered as a Teacher assistant working with the school principal and other teachers. I also took part in a programme where we were selling sim cards on the streets, moving in different places to reach our daily targets

Why Marketing Management N6
My decision in choosing to Marketing Management came from watching Generations back when there was still Ezweni communications where it was about publications and advertising, proposals and presentations so I fell in love with Marketing and communications from that moment on. I was just so fascinated about how they would put a would ad together, meeting the clients, presenting their different ideas to the client until they come up with the right one

I got my internship through Outex, about 3 years ago I registered on a website which by that time I was not even aware what the whole thing was about, I did not know what I was doing, so I just registered there and one time a guy from Outex contacted me and asked me to upload my documents on the website which I did and then nothing happened, then during the month of March I got a call from Outex and they asked if I am still looking for an internship because Outsurance was looking for interns. I was invited to an interview and was chosen to be one of the Outsurance interns.

I am currently working for Outsurance, which to this day I am still humbled, they keep up motivated, treat us as equals, we are always welcome to ask for assistance and are always encouraged to be the best versions of ourselves and I am grateful for all that
Masego Mathabe | Marketing Management N6 | 2021/10/19 12:00:00 AM

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