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About Me
I am Fikelephi Thandokuhle Masuku, 28 years of age located in Johannesburg around Jeeps town, besides having HR N6 Certificate, I also have a Psira security, computer, and HIV counselling certificate. As for now I am currently working as intern at Stallion security company under HR Department as a recruiter. I love exploring new domains and I am a fast learner, committed, accountable person and have zero tolerance for excuses. I strongly believe in my power of persuasion and people skills.

Work Experience
*I have volunteered at the Department of Education for eighteen (18) months, Department of Agriculture for Five (5) months, Department of Health for one (1) month I was doing door to door Tuberculosis Survey, I also worked as assistant teacher for (5) five months.

Why N6 Human Resources Management
I have chosen to study Human Resource Management because, I have seen that employees are facing different issues within working environment. It encouraged me to study HR so that, I could help with underlying issues affecting employees with disaffections and address, them with creative solutions. I am person that enjoy meeting new people and working alongside clients, and senior HR management and I like being an expect in managing staff. I want to experience on how to set up surveys, focus groups and interview strategies to help employees determine their content.

I got my internship through GWConnect.

I feel extremely grateful to have been part of Stallion Team. It is a privilege to be part of the company that takes pride in what they do through their leadership skills and have earned reputation in the market industry under security services and I feel like their vision and values matches with my mine therefore it is where my skills and knowledge will be best utilised.
Thandokuhle Masuku | N6 Human Resources Management | 2022/02/23 12:00:00 AM

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