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About Me
My name is Ayanda Phama, and I grew up in Pretoria, Gauteng. I completed my matric in 2010 and after I studied financial accounting. I then completed my BCOM Financial Accounting at UNISA.
In 2014 I got a dispatch job at UNISA where I worked there for one year. I then later managed to get a job at NASHUA doing telecommunication ICT programming, where I worked there for three years.

Why Finance Graduate
I went to a technical high school where I did some IT and didn’t really enjoy it. I always liked mathematics for some reason, so when I got to tertiary, I decided to do an accounting course, because is about numbers just like maths.

How I Got My Internship
I would apply for finance jobs on certain career websites and one day I randomly got a phone call from Intelleto telling me to do an online application. Six months after my application, they asked me if I’m willing to do an online interview and the rest is history.

The Company
I am enjoying my new job at 36xeroCFO. I am learning a lot, the people are friendly and the actual work is interesting. Outex is a great place to work at and I’m grateful for the opportunity.
Ayanda Phama | Finance Graduate | 2022-04-25

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