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About Me
My name is Njabulo Mshengu Tshabalala, coming from Boksburg Gauteng. I studied Financial management at Ekurhuleni West TVET College. I started my N4 in 2016 and finished my N6 in 2017. I am a 27 year old man that now resides in Mpumalanga and that is where I am doing my internship with Murray & Roberts.

Work Experience
*In the past I worked as a waiter in Franchise in the year 2015 before I decided to further my studies in 2016. After I completed my N6 I struggled to get an internship for a while so then I decided to be a taxi driver due to lack of job opportunities. I drove a long distance taxi for the next few years until I got a call from outex to ask if I was available for an interview in December 2021. I interviewed the Murray & Roberts and I week later I was called to be told that my interview was successful a d the details on my commencement and contract signing.

Why N6 Finacial management
I chose to study Financial management because I love numbers and solving the problems the problems that come with them. In high school I studied commerce and Accounting was one of my favourite subjects.

I got my internship through outex. I received a call from a lady from Outex in the end of November to ask if I was still looking for an internship and my profile was sent to the employer and a few days later I received a call to inform me that the employer likes my profile and an interview was scheduled for the next week. A week after the interview I received a call to tell me that my interview had been successful and scheduled an appointment for contract signing and the on 06 December 2021 I started with my internship and it has been going great ever since.

I am doing my internship with Murray & Roberts Cementation. We are in the mining industry and ever since my commencement I have worked in a mine before being moved to a contract in Kriel to further my knowledge in my trade in different working environments.
Njabulo Mshengu Tshabalala | N6 Finacial management | 2022/08/10 12:00:00 AM

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