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About Me
My name is Hitekani Precious Mabasa, I was born in Limpopo but currently I stay in SOWETO Meadowlands I have completed my matric at Hlaluko Secondary school in 2013. I enrolled at Central Johannesburg TVET College where I completed my Financial Management N6 in 2016 June.

Work Experience
*On 2016 August I started working at Pick ‘N Pay Auckland park as a checkout assistant until this year January 31st when I go to Nudebt management where I worked only one month of February I was working as a Debt Collector.

Why Financial Management N6
I have chosen to study Financial Management because of the love I have for Accounting and Computer. The other reason is that I love numbers, one day I would like to be a Chartered Accountant and a very successful Business woman in the Whole world as I want to register for a degree after my internship programme.

After I have completed my N6 on Financial Management a friend of mine introduced me to GWConnect and I registered with them that’s when OUTEX contacted me saying that I must complete my profile where Dorcas Mbalate was assisting me on completing to create my profile and booked me an interview with UNITRANSMOTORS where I have nailed my interview and then Dorcas Mbalate sent me an email congratulating me for getting an internship and informed me about contract signing. That day I was so excited and that was the best day of my life.

I am at UNITRANSMOTORS (Monument Toyota West Rand) it’s a car dealership company, great environment, great, loving, caring and welcoming staff.they made me feel more welcome and feel at home i was trained by a guy called Daniel Kubelo whom I’m still working with, I love the department I am in I get to communicate with clients and colleagues in a daily basis. I learn something new everyday when I am working and I feel free and happy working at TOYOTA . I hope when I finish my internship I will be the best employee in the company and to my employer as I am a fast learning person and hard worker, I am also looking forward to learning new more things.
Hitekani Precious Mabasa | Financial Management N6 | 2017/05/15 12:00:00 AM

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