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About Me
MY name is Apacha ubisi,i was born in mpumalanga at matikwani hospital,currently im staying at Pretoria.I matriculated in 2016 at Mabarhule secondary school, in 2019 i decided to further my studies at westcol TVET college doing Human resource management from N4,N5,to N6.Im individual who can work at any working condition

Work Experience
*I have never worked before, I don't have any work experience

Why N6 Human resource management
I have choose to study Human resource management because I'm passionate about working with people and I love challenging work because I can work both as individual and as a team. I always have a dream of seeing myself leading people and giving them a good direction.

One of my friend show me a post on website, then I submit my cv at my college that's how i got my internship.

I'M working at Gw Connect at Pretoria,GW Connect its a nice company I'm working in a friendly environment where everyone is so willing to help and as HR intern im gaining the experience that i want.
Apacha Ubisi | N6 Human resource management | 2022/11/15 12:00:00 AM

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