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About Me
I am Takalani Nancy Munzhelele,I grew up in a small rural village called Folovhodwe in Venda (Limpopo),i matriculated in 2011 at Ratsibvumo Secondary school. After completing my matric i enrolled at Tshwane North College (Pretoria Campus) in 2012 and completed my N6 in 2014.

Work Experience
*In 2022 I worked as an assets Controller at Tshwane North College Pretoria (Campus) partime

Why Financial management N6
it is a great career with lots of opportunities that can give me a chance to be hired.

I tried so many times to apply for the opportunities of internship with no luck, then one day i received a phone call from one of my friend saying that we should go and drop our Cvs at Tshwane North College because they can help student to get internships. We then went to the college and drop our Cvs after two weeks i received a phone call from Tshwane North College asking me to come for an interview, I passed the interview and went to induction ,then i was placed to Outax ,again I did an interview with Outax and pass' it and was told that I am going to work for Big Save Distribution Center

The company that i am working for is Big Save Distribution Center and the working environment is very good,I have colleagues that are so supportive in everything that I do. I am gaining lots of experience and very happy for this kind of opportunity.
Takalani Nancy Munzhelele | Financial management N6 | 2023/01/17 12:00:00 AM

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