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About Me
I am Bontle Naka 24 years of age, I have a younger brother who is 16 years old. I was born in Limpopo (Malatane) but grew up in Heidelberg. I'm an introvert and enjoy my own space. I matriculated in the year 2016 at Hoër Volkskool Heidelberg and then 2017 i moved to Pretoria to do my N4 in Management Assistant at Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology and 2018 i moved back to Heidelberg to continue with N5 and N6 at Sedibeng Heidelberg Campus; i completed my N6 in 2019.

Work Experience
*I worked at Sedibeng Heidelberg Campus for 18 months as a Screener(Brigade) during Covid. My duties were to screen and sanitize students and lecturers before entering the campus and checking their daily self check assessment to monitor their symptoms. In 2022 i worked as a Fieldwork Supervisor for Stats SA, My duties were to Supervise a group of fieldworkers in my team and be available to assist them where they don't understand what needs to be done and also go with them to allocated houses for the Census Survey.

Why Management Assistant N6
I chose Management Assistant because it challenges me to gain knowledge of how the business industry works and how to handle different human behaviours in the workplace and life in general. It grew my mindset in a way that taught me to understand others feelings and to always listen attentively to what is being said to me during a conversation. I love assisting people and so; i believe that Management Assistant is the way forward for me.

I came across a reposted page on facebook about an opportunity for Internship and which courses were needed and it contained a link to apply and I applied for the internship, And months later i received a call asking if i was still interested in the internship and i said i was and was told that i will be called for an interview but months went by without receiving a call and it was during the covid time so i think that is the reason why i had not received a call for an interview and then unexpected i received a call again to find out if i was still interested and true to their word i received a call for an interview a week later and orientation. I searched the number that called me and it came as "My College" because i wasn't sure what the internship was about and so i thought it was a college until i received an Email with all the Information about the company that is offering the internship and grateful to Outex i got the internship.

Bidvest McCarthy Toyota Bruma is a dealer in which everyone's opinion matters and is considered. It prides itself on expertise and excellence. They aim to meet the customer needs and expectations and to deliver a good satisfaction in all departments.
Bontle Naka | Management Assistant N6 | 2023/09/19 12:00:00 AM

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